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My God, You Were Inside Me All This Time? Oh My God!

Live broadcast of Open Satsang with Mooji from Rishikesh, India
Satsang recorded on Saturday, 18th March, 2017

In this Satsang, Moojibaba emphasizes the importance to let go of the personal identity and story and come to our original state of being. Different movements of body, mind and emotions may arise but the space from where it origins is free from any movements. On a question about fear of death Moojiji answers, "Death is one of God's good ideas, it compels human beings to search for the imperishable."

This Satsang leads into a deep and touching meditation of effortless awareness. Moojiji ends the Satsang saying: "Take care of your realization – love it – live it – be it."

Music before SatsangMooji Sangha - By Your Grace

Live music after - Krishnabai, Igor and Omkara - Mere Gurudev

Courtesy of Mooji Foundation.