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A Blind Person Can Follow My Pointing and Say: 'I See It!'

22 February 2019
Rishikesh, India

As the Satsangs in Rishikesh progress, the questions and answers continue to probe deeper into the nature of the Self and expose the dualities which can operate in the mind of the seeker.

Moojibaba offers a powerful guidance which leads a questioner into immediate and clear seeing.

"This is the answer to your question. Can it be this simple? Yes, it can be this simple!

You did nothing to become nothing."


Live music before Satsang: Flute improvisation by Himanshu

Live music after Satsang: "He Govinda, He Gopala" by Radha, performed by Radha and Himanshu

More music by Radha here

The downloadable version of this Satsang is available on



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