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Podcast: Skype Satsang — A Call For Self-Focusing

One man comes to Mooji with a strong determination to know the Truth. He has been experiencing a melting away of the ego, which is being replaced with a feeling of presence. But there are moments, he says, when he feels very uncomfortable when the mind brings up the 'person'.

Mooji says to use the mind as way to strengthen the resolve to stay as the Self; it's actually a call for Self-focusing where you are again Self-reminding. Although it feels like it's running in your veins when the identity is present, that is also witnessed. Use that recognition to confirm that you are the awareness itself, so the energy drops back into the awareness and is not pushed out into person-hood. As soon as it's clear that 'I am watching this', the sense of personality will feel that it is also outside and is being watched. In that moment you see that you cannot possibly be anything that is perceivable.

You have to transcend these energies - to conquer the potential to go into fragmentation by holding your attention, because you are the Master itself!

A spontaneous Satsang over Skype



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