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Podcast: A Fundamental Insight

In this illuminating and multifaceted Satsang, Mooji covers many subjects prompted by questions from the listeners who are gathered around.

Mooji begins by asking everyone, "What is boredom?" After some insightful responses to this question, Mooji then speaks about 'unsuccessful inquiry' versus 'a place where the inquiry never fails', the play of personality, confusion and helplessness as another opportunity of seeing from your true place, and the highest potential of words. One person reports that sometimes the inquiry is 'cloudy' and doesn't seem to be successful; Mooji challenges her to look further into this: "If you think there is something to see, then immediately there comes a possibility that something can block your seeing. But if your seeing has to do with understanding who you are - which means that you don't have to go outside of your skin to look at something - then what does cloudiness have to do with anything? Because you're only looking for the seer, and the seer cannot be a product as a phenomenon to recognize; the one searching for the seer IS the seer. This is a fundamental insight!"

A spontaneous Satsang recorded in India
21 December 2010



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