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Advaita and Neo-Advaita Pros and Cons

Mooji points out the pros and cons of two paths: Neo-Advaita and traditional Advaita. Neo-Advaita says, "There is nothing to do and nothing to practice because you are already This." Mooji says that this is true when you realize the Self, but not before. In Neo-Advaita, the intellectual understanding is taken to be the realization of the Self, but it is not.

However, what the Neo-Advaitists are saying still brings a refreshing change to the traditional Advaitists scene, who tend to take themselves too seriously, work hard and often miss the point. Mooji says that both views are misunderstandings and somewhere between both is truth.

A Jnana yogi who goes deeply into the understanding will find that their heart begins to open. A Bhakta yogi who goes deeper into surrender comes into wisdom. A Karma yogi comes into a wisdom naturally, and where there is wisdom, there is love. In genuine discovery, one's heart and mind embraces the whole universe.

A Spontaneous Satsang recorded in London
4 April 2013



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