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An Invitation to Freedom — US and Canada Book Launch

An Invitation to Freedom — US and Canada Book Launch

Dear Friends,

We are very happy to let you know that An Invitation to Freedom is being published by New Harbinger in the US and Canada on 1 October, 2018.

An Invitation to Freedom is a profoundly clear and direct pointing leading to Self-realization. If you are longing for this and the urge to be free is alive and compelling, this Invitation is for you. Mooji’s pointing effortlessly cuts through the superficial veils that appear to hide the Self and swiftly introduces the mind to its source, the heart. An Invitation to Freedom is recognised by today’s seekers as a fresh and auspicious gift of grace from God—the Infinite Self. It is quick, simple and direct, and could be the greatest discovery you make in your life.

This unique book and audiobook read by Mooji will be available in the US and Canada through major retailers from 1 October, 2018. You can find out more at

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