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Podcast: Beyond the Phenomenal World Is God Space

After watching a movie in which the main character of the movie was given the ability to use the full capacity of his brain, a contemplation is inspired and Sri Mooji begins to speak about phenomenality and nominality. In this particular movie, all of the energy is directed towards gaining things and experiences in which the ego imagines to be valuable — all phenomenal. Sri Mooji says that why it can seem to be difficult to recognise the nominal, which is our Self, is because so much of our energy throughout life is directed towards the mind and senses and what is perceived or experienced through them.

Through contemplation and reflection, gradually a space opens up and the nominal can be recognised.

"The most direct way to find out who you are is to look in a mirror — but you have to look in the right mirror. If you look in a mirror and you don't understand how to interpret, you don't understand what you are seeing, because you don't understand who you are — the one who is looking in the mirror. Then, what you will see is only a phenomenal reflection.

The truest reflection is a reflection of your own Being."

A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja



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