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Break the Spine of This Delusion

If you look to your consciousness, you see that everything is perfectly fine. And you see that most things that we worry about - physical, psychological, emotional, mental - is just the mind, playing it’s games.You are going to get it for a while, like you have to go through some tight space to come out again, because you don’t win freedom so easy.

Welcome everything. Pain and suffering is only for a bit, this life is only for a bit, in the infinite expanse of what is. But You are not for a bit. Something is telling you - don’t care about you so much, because that is not your eternal nature. When you accept this, you find a tremendous space which is not born from time. My happy news is that after a while you break the spine of this delusion.

Music: Bara Vara - Krishnabai from Into the Deep Blue



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