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Can a Devotee Move from One Master to Another?

First of all, we have to know that the Master is One.

Many Masters are just many faces of the One. Nevertheless, they will vary tremendously in expression. But they are the same in essence. Each according to what is the flock they must engage with. The collective consciousness of those disciples is pulled together because something here has to be worked through. And if it is worked through you might find that at a certain point, spontaneously, unexpectedly even, there is a sense to move on, like something has dried up now. This will happen completely naturally, you are not deciding this.

One day, hopefully today, you will know that all things and their appearances are only That.

Then fear will go, sadness will go, suffering will go.

It has already started in fact, this awakening. It brought you here.

Trust it.

A video extract from the Retreat DVD
Awakening Has Already Started. It Brought You Here. Trust It
Zmar Silent Retreat, 24th September 2015, Session 2
Don't Touch Anything and Mind Cannot Touch You

The full satsang recordings from this retreat are available as downloadable video (mp4) and audio (mp3) files in the Mooji Satsang Shop
The Complete Set of Zmar September 2015 Satsang Recordings

Music: Ik Onkar from the album Sahaja Samadhi



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