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Can Happiness Come From the Ego?

SATSANG OF THE WEEK - 26 April 2020

During the April 2020 Online Weekend Retreat, Mooji has a very clear and illuminating exchange about the true nature of happiness, and how the mind can promise future happiness as a distraction from the happiness that is natural to our being.

"Happiness is now. Happiness, in the truth, is always just happy — it's not happy "about," it's just happiness. And happiness and my Self feel like one.

I am not going to postpone my present happiness to follow an idea of happiness, promised. The search or the promise of happiness can itself mask or eclipse our natural happiness!"

This talk is an excerpt from the Satsang, "By the Power of Your Faith, It Is Done"

Online Weekend Retreat
26 April 2020 | Evening Satsang



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