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Podcast: Don't Miss The Cave Of The Heart

In this beautiful talk Mooji speaks about the importance of questioning the 'I' and of overcoming all resistance to enquiry, and the importance of actually employing the enquiry if for no other reason than because your teacher tells you to do so.

"If you keep looking you will find that you are always in the same position, which is the ultimate position. The truth is always here but you are too complex and too distracted to see it. So you will have to walk all over the universe to come back to find it right under your nose. This is the paradox of existence. It is always you, it has always been you but you think it is something else. It is you but it is not the you that you would like to be or that you think you are, it is the true You."

A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja



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