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Don’t Take Any Sabbatical From the Truth

Satsang with Mooji
12 October 2018

"All this is so that love can have a stage to act itself out, so that wisdom can flourish and express its divine power. Everyone must taste some identity at first and we are either going to be pulled towards upgrading identity, or discovering the source of identity.

That is the power of this, that we are not moving from book to book, but that you recognise the main point. Just recognise that even the movement of attention is perceivable. That’s a significant thing, If you understand this, you are in the unshakeable place.

Once you’ve found that which is yielding good fruit, stay there, merge your identity there. Don’t take any sabbatical from the truth, finish up. Let the rest of this life be lived in freedom."

Monte Sahaja, Portugal



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