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Podcast: Eternal Perfection

This is a powerful and poignant talk in which Mooji so clearly reflects, through his words and presence, that unchanging awareness that we are. He explains that the reason why awareness seems to be 'hidden' from itself is because it started to go out — it started to proceed and identify with its projections. The grossest state of the awareness in the human form is to believe it is a human being and the conditioning that happened to it.

But, our real being is not moving. When one understands that what is permanent is the unchanging, and that the change-ful is part of our dynamic expression, then great freedom and peace comes, because you have realized your eternity, thereby no longer trying to solidify that which is by nature changeful. Mooji proposes, "Suppose you could not change? You had the same thought over and over again; you had the same face all of the time. It's just suffocating. Something in you is not part of that change, but the witnessing of that change is taking place. In just this statement, all your answers are going to emanate out of that understanding [...] When you are aware consciously of your eternal perfection -- your infinite being, then you can enjoy the sense of the imperfect, the diverse changefulness."

A spontaneous Satsang recorded in London



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