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Podcast: Eternally Home

This talk begins with Mooji reading a touching letter from one devotee - a plea to help facilitate a recognition that will end separation and suffering forever - a burning desire to come home completely.

Mooji looks side-by-side with the devotee at some statements in the letter in order to clarify - to reveal what is true and discard what is false. The devotee expresses that he hates existing because it is synonymous with pain, and also that he does not feel home.

Mooji asks him some penetrating questions like, "Is existence only synonymous with pain? Is there pain in the objects that you see, or is there pain in the perceiving of them?" And also, "Why would the Self say, 'Not home'? The Self itself is home. The Self cannot show you home because Self is home. Self is where the perceiving is coming from. It's the birth of the perceiving itself; it's arising out of the Self."

One-by-one, the apparent reality of his statements and the one who suffers them dissolves in the light of real looking. Mooji then asks the question, "Can the seer be seen?", and the devotee comes to a full recognition of his true Self, and an understanding that he has never really suffered — that he is eternally home.

A spontaneous Satsang recorded in India
2 December 2010



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