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Everyone’s Life Should Be Miraculous

In this excerpt from a Satsang during the 2017 Lisbon Intensive, a woman comes forward to ask about her mother’s illness and desire for euthanasia. Moojibaba responds by inviting us into the timeless now, and to look again at this same situation through the eyes of the Self.

“Suppose you were about to leave your body, would you like to be around someone who is completely uncomfortable in theirs? Or someone who is in their own stillness, in their own completeness? Someone who doesn’t want you to be a certain way and disturb you in your final moments?

You may be the miracle she’s waiting to see.

Everyone’s life should be miraculous. You should not be able to explain yourself. You should be a surprise unto yourself.
Don’t be afraid of your own magnificence."

"Christ Light" by Shivali, from the album Temple of Fire



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