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Podcast: Everything Is a Blessing

"Everything is blessing, even the curses are blessings, for the One whose eyes are bright enough to see Them.

I don’t know anything more profound than That. That does not have any distance. That has no otherness, no separateness, it is not a person, It simply Is. Knowing That, the world and the manifest worlds are observed to be just functioning, which includes this body as well... so great is this power, it takes care of everything, even when it appears not to.

Nothing can hide from It. Nothing manifest can hide from It, nothing unmanifest can hide from It, nor exist apart from It. If you begin to contemplate in this kind of way, you will bend your knees in front of something you cannot see….so don’t try and work it out, just collapse right There and be done with it… Let That One pick you up."

A Spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja
4 June 2013



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