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Guru Purnima 2016 Message from Sri Mooji ~ God Has Built This Sangha

A very special message from Sri Mooji for Guru Purnima 2016

This Sangha has been put together by God Himself. God has built this Sangha for this world and for this time. This is a Sangha that comes together out of love, who are beginning to recognise with one heart, one breath, one soul, one spirit, that all is one, there is only Him, there is only Truth. There is only this Love that binds us together as One.

If this day is significant—Guru Purnima day—it is to remember the inmost guru, the Satguru within our heart, and the Satguru who manifests to remind you of the Satguru within your heart. It is one. It is all one. I love you—all of you. I am only your servant. Of all service, the guru is the greatest servant, because it is with great joy that the guru watches all being unveiled from ignorance and coming back into their hearts’ completeness.

It is my joy to say Happy Guru Purnima day to all the beings who hear this. I love you and you are more than worth it. It is a delight to love that which you are and to discard what we are not—not discard in some cynical way, but simply to turn away from that which is unreal, gently, and with love also. Turn your face and your heart to that which is real, and they will integrate; they will become one.
My love to you. Amen.

Jai Gurudev!

To all the great gurus in the world, those who seem to have come and gone, but they are ever here as the living Truth, and even those who are to come. My love to you.

Jai Papaji, Jai Ramana




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