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Podcast: "Help Me to See Things as They Are"

A deeply clarifying talk takes place between Moojibaba and an intimate group. They speak unreservedly of their seeing and Moojibaba offers pointed and appropriate guidance that serves to refine and strengthen a deeper understanding.

"The further out you go to try and look for answers, the more erratic the state becomes. So catch it at the very first activity to arise. In the end, there is no knowledge to be kept. The knowledge just serves as a mirror to show you your true place. You're going to start moving in much bigger steps, gigantic steps.

We don’t have to entertain many questions. You get one question that resonates and you take that into your sleeping bag with you. Genuine enquiry leads to a natural surrender. In this ocean of Samsara, there is nothing to hold on to to rescue you from drowning and something just trusts that. Then you find, but you’re just water—you become water.”

Music: "Invocation" by Siddhartha


20 October 2018
Monte Sahaja, Portugal



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