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Podcast: 'Here' Is Your True Heart

This talk begins with one seeker sharing his insight that all beings have the same heart, the same core. Mooji responds by saying that you can only 'see' that from the core itself. You cannot be looking 'at' the core; if you were, with what identity would you be looking? It is more of an intuitive feeling, that we are the same in essence.

When the seeker then begins to speak about some phenomenon that is appearing for him, Mooji asks him for whom are all of these things happening? Without the feeling of a 'me' to which things are happening, there would be no interest particularly in things that are appearing. At a certain point, through the power of his own seeing, the seeker's attention moves back into what Mooji calls the 'ground of being' — a space which is just 'here'. The seeker confirms that 'here', it is not possible to suffer.

Mooji advises him to, "Just be here. 'Here' is really your true Heart, your true Self. You are That."

A spontaneous Satsang recorded in India



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