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I Came to Find the Buddha in Spain

Broadcast Live from Madrid, Spain
15 May 2017

Live translation in Spanish with the translator on stage with Moojibaba.

In this beautiful and profound Satsang with Moojibaba, space is given for several questions before the hall is led together in a guided exercise of direct seeing and recognition.

Some questions arise about fear arising in Satsang, staying permanently in the state of Presence, and having to work to sustain oneself when no desire or passion for work is present. Moojibaba points out that by following the exercise which is given, all these questions will dissolve in the light of true understanding.

Moojiji then guides us to leave everything and enter the room of our timeless Self.

“Recognising this will automatically bless every aspect of your life.”

A beautiful and truly universal talk for those new to Satsang and old alike.



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