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In the Acid Of Life I See God

"Is spirituality only for people who have everything else in life, who have a comfortable and cosy life, or also for people who go through a lot of suffering, who experience wars and great destruction?

Life cannot be without suffering, it cannot be without pain and jealousy because all of this helps human beings to mature and to find Truth. Without it we are very weak and shallow. Many times material abundance leads to internal weakness and selfishness while real hardship can open up the hearts of people and shines as compassion and strength.

Going through suffering and pain is of great benefit for our spiritual growth. It cuts the trivial mind with its pettiness and fantasies and brings us back into the present. Sometimes we don't recognise great blessings because we have a different belief of what a good life should be like. Terrible experiences in life often set us on fire, and this fire will burn what is valueless and untrue."

A Spontaneous Satsang recorded in London
4 November 2013



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