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Is This Discovery Too Much for You to Bear?

16 January 2018

This auspicious gathering takes place in London, as Moojibaba meets with the Sangha for a second evening of Satsang. The Master invites us into the room of his Being, for an irrefutable discovery of our own true nature.

“Have you ever felt as peaceful and open, silent as you do now, without effort? You’re not a visitor here, this is your true state, your natural state.

Is this discovery too much for you to bear? And if it is, who would you be to bear it? If it is indeed true that this Is-ness, or What Is, is one with your own self, can the Is-ness suffer from any problem?

Your life will become magical knowing this. It is inscrutable, indefinable and it has been your heart and mind’s deepest longing.

Grace is with you.”

Music after Satsang: "Glory to the Father" (traditional Christian hymn), and "You Are Always In My Heart" (by Moojibaba) performed by Krishnabai, Sanoja and Satyadevi



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