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Podcast: Let These Questions Undo You

The power of Satsang is to remove you — to remove the you which is unstable; the idea of Self... to move it out of the seat of Being. The beauty of this Satsang is in the questions that very strongly point us back to our own Self. Does the knower of the body have to be in the body to know the body? Without the body, who are we? Where are you?

Mooji says,

"Say to these questions, 'Please, go to the place where you are meant to go in me, and undo me there.' These questions are far more important than the answers. Invite and give space to these questions to open up their own mystery. Unless you invite and respect these questions, the answers will only be mental for you. Show gratitude for the questions themselves and they will illumine the mind."

A spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja in Portugal



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