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Podcast: Life is Full of Unexpected Brilliance - Be Open to See it!

In this short clip, Moojibaba addresses a deeply existential question which many of us may have stood face-to-face with, 'Why did I need to come into this body in order to re-connect to the pure Self?'

“It is a master game, a master play! How each one is in their own flow to try and find and all come to the same place, back where we started. It is full of marvellous, unexpected, brilliance — if you have the aptitude and openness to find it. In our life, God leaves little clues around to see if you will be sensitive enough to notice them, and each of them is a divine gem.”

Moojibaba goes on to relate the poignantly fitting story of the donkey and the celestial gem.


Excerpt from Whatever It Takes To Awaken, You Have It in Abundance
Zmar Silent Retreat, Portugal
29 September 2018



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