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Live in the Proof of Yourself

Satsang of the Week — 30 December 2018

In this direct and immediate excerpt from the Holland silent retreat, Moojibaba guides us through self-inquiry to dissolve any duality that remains after the Invitation. He also discusses the notion of death—can the Is-ness die?

“You start as a journeyer and end up as the destination. You’ve always been the destination, but who was the seeker? Our dreamed self has been the seeker. We’ve always been the Is-ness, but in our dreamed state, we imagine ourselves as a journey toward the Is-ness.”


Live music after Satsang: “Meet Me Now As I Am” (traditional melody) performed by Krishnabai, Omkara, Sanoja and Satyadevi

An excerpt from the Satsang, 'You Start as a Journeyer and End Up as the Destination'
10 August 2018 | Morning Satsang



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