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Living in the Joy of Our Natural Being ~ Interview with Esprit Yoga Magazine

Skype Satsang with Mooji
Interview with Esprit Yoga Magazine
26 January 2017

We are very happy to present this interview with Céline Chadelat for ‘Esprit Yoga Magazine.’ This video offers an excellent introduction to Satsang with questions such as:

‘What are the qualities of a free being?’
‘How can we love without attachments?’
‘Does practise or meditation lead to freedom or can it be just another trap?’
‘What is the practise in your ashram?’

When asked, ‘What is the role of Grace in this process?’ Moojibaba responds,

“Of all the words that we can use, grace is the most mysterious. Because in a way no one knows what it is exactly. But I am going to put it, that it is divine benevolence. It is like the gift that comes without our deserving it, you may say, but it comes from the Source. 

Grace is also another name for what we truly are. One way of saying it it is, God pampering God. Pampering means somehow giving abundantly. So in order to have the sense of giving, it means giving to other or giving to another. But when the reality is discovered, you see that other is also yourself. It is only the One. 

So grace is what flows from the heart, you can say, toward the mind to help purify it and to be free from suffering and to discover the Truth.” 



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