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Many Beings Will Awaken, Will You Be Amongst Them?

Satsang of the Week
16 December 2018

In this powerful excerpt from the September Zmar retreat, Moojibaba addresses the feeling of ‘not getting it’ and guides us into the direct recognition of our true nature.

An excerpt from the Satsang, Many Beings Will Awaken, Will You Be Amongst Them?
Zmar, Portugal


We are very happy to announce a new weekly video service for Mooji's Satsangs: Satsang of the Week.

Every Sunday we will be posting a new video for everyone following Mooji worldwide to tune in to. These videos will generally be an hour or so in length and provide some of the most powerful and insightful moments from previous Satsangs with Mooji.

New videos will be posted weekly on Sundays at 10am Lisbon time on On the page you will see the country flags that indicate the available translations for that week.

May this offering be in full service to your awakening!



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