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Mooji Darshan

Darshan is the blessing received in the sacred presence of an awakened being, a divine entity or image.

Many thousands of people who have watched Mooji, a spiritual teacher from the non-dual path to enlightenment, have experienced his wisdom, love and power through being in his physical presence or through the hundreds of internet broadcasts shared by his Sangha team. Often, at the beginning and end of these intimate and intense gatherings, the Master would look into the camera for a few seconds. Through his gaze, he makes contact with his many followers worldwide and draws each one into his continuing love, guiding support and reassuring presence.

It spontaneously arose to call these moments Mooji Darshan.

We receive many requests from people around the world whose main spiritual guidance is experienced through these Sunday satsangs, spontaneous meetings and retreats, all lovingly captured on film. Mooji Sangha is presenting this short video, Mooji Darshan, in response to the call to meet and look into the Master’s eyes directly. We hope you will feast your eyes, minds and hearts as we do.

Inseparable love,
Mooji Sangha AV Team

Filmmakers: Sanoja, Anand, Joey and Sivaganga



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