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Mooji & friends at the doctor’s office / Mooji & amigos no consultório médico

The doctor’s office in our village needed a face lift. Mooji and the Sangha dropped by for a few days. And this is what happened…

O consultório médico da nossa aldeia precisava de uma mudança de visual. O Mooji e a Sangha estiveram lá durante alguns dias. E foi isto o que aconteceu…

November 2019 / Novembro 2019


"I Pray" by Prem Sweeney, performed by Prem Sweeney (vocals & guitar), Brahmdev Malewicz (violin) & Omraj Dosoudil (cajon), available on the album 'Rise Up - To the Most High Awakening Vol.2' by Mooji Mala

"This Little Light of Mine" by Harry Dixon Loes, performed by Krishna Prasad. More music from Krishna Prasad available on the album ‘Beloved One’



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