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Moojibaba Responds to the Tragic Death of George Floyd

After watching a video of the tragic death of George Floyd due to police brutality, Moojibaba felt compelled to share some words and reflections.

“It’s happening all the time, people are doing wrongs against each other all over the world, but when it’s brought in front of the public in this way, then you cannot un-see it, and you have to voice that this is not right.

I wish that we can evolve to stop being ‘me’ and start being ‘us’ — from ‘me’ to ‘we.’”

Our condolences, love and blessings to the family and friends of George Floyd.

We stand with all those who are affected by this tragedy. We continue to pray for true and lasting understanding, love and unity to blossom in the hearts of all people regardless of their superficial differences. May this tragedy give rise to a great wave of healing for this nation and for all peoples of the world.

God bless all.



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