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Podcast: Moving From Person to Presence

One person reports to Mooji over a Skype phone call that through her inquiry, she has realized that many concepts and ideas she has believed in — including the idea of who she thought she was — are not true. She says that she does not really understand what is happening right now and sometimes feels lost, but that she wants to know the truth of what she is.

Mooji responds by saying that actually, this is a common phase of the inquiry. Through the power that comes from real 'inner' looking, stale emotions and stale thinking are being burnt and there is a changing over from being a person to being presence; this feeling of being lost is just the feeling of being lost from your usual context of being. Mooji assures her not to worry, because, "A human being does not move into this deeper place without the call and support of Grace."

The beingness is pulling the personality into itself, and it is a much more expansive state. Lastly, Mooji says to just let things happen, and to be the silent witness of them. It's a new way, and it's going to show you something very beautiful.

A spontaneous Satsang recorded in London
3 September 2010



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