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My God, Do You Realise What Is Being Revealed Here?

In this opening session of the 2017 Lisbon Intensive, Moojibaba brings us directly into the heart of self-inquiry and introduces again the simplicity of clear seeing through the exercise of the ‘roomless room.’

“Come into an innocence of seeing far more powerful than the intellect itself. Without grace, coming only from the mind, the intellect cannot fathom that. It turns it into a kind of complexity.

Don’t make the mistake—if the choice was to be a scholar or a saint, be a saint.

You stay in the nothing, as the nothing, until the effort to stay disappears. Mind has many things to bring, many things may come, but you let it bring them in the empty room of your being.”

Live music: "Aad Guray Nameh" by Snatam Kaur, performed by Omkara, Krishnabai and Sanoja

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