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New Music CD — Prem Leela

New Music Album – 'Live in Monte Sahaja' by Prem Leela
Album info:
This album is available on, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and other online music platforms

This fresh and inspirational album is heart music flowing from the core of pure spirit! A vibrant collection of reggae-pop that uplifts and inspires, transporting the listener to the vibrational realm of pure Being.

The album was recorded live in Monte Sahaja, the home and ashram of Moojibaba, Portugal, in late 2018. Profoundly impacting the audience, Prem Leela delivered a concert of rare musical genius—an unforgettable night for all. So touched was Moojibaba, the spiritual teacher of the singer-songwriter, Prem, that at the end of the concert he declared:

'Music is your ministry, Prem.
Your heart music is infused with Grace
and imbued with the spirit of Truth.'

Prem Leela is an explosion of pure talent and raw energy infused with Prem’s powerful voice and inspirational songwriting genius. This album is a ‘must have’ for all genuine seekers of Truth, as well as all who love and appreciate good music with a profound message. We look forward to every new outpouring from this amazing singer and band.

Watch the Prem Leela band live in Rishikesh, India 2019 on Free Media.

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