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No Next, Just Pure Presence

Open Satsang with Mooji
Rishikesh, India
5 March 2020

“Joy is there before fear, peace is there before agitation, love is there before everything. And the Self did not come, so cannot go.”

As this season with Moojibaba approaches its end, more and more are discovering their natural joy within and confirming this unchanging place. Moojiji highlights the importance of paying attention inside as we are reminded again and again that 'the simplest is the most potent.’

“The more the guidances are followed, the more you become relaxed and happy and unified in your being and spirit. Then fears cannot live in that unity, confusion cannot live in that unity, death cannot visit that unity—this is the possibility of Satsang.”


The recordings and downloadables of these talks are available here.

Song after Satsang: "Guru Mata Pita" (traditional) sung by Radha, from the album Sahaja Samadhi by Radha.



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