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Podcast: Nobody Can Disappoint God

In this talk Mooji shares his views about commitment in intimate relationships, faithfulness and love.

"Is it possible to keep your word? How can anyone make the promise, 'I will love you forever?' At the most it can be a declaration of the love that you feel right now. Many people don't have the spiritual maturity to be in one relationship forever. There is not a set standard for how a relationship should be; some relationships have a very deep potency — there is a depth of experience and a deep connection, but the time spent together (physically) is short."

And what about faithfulness and vows made in front of God?

Mooji says that nobody can disappoint God or make God angry. To be faithful is first of all to be faithful to your heart and to honour your own Self.

A being that is not immersed in his own heart cannot really be relied upon. In fact, usually we are relying on others based upon our own projections of what we want from them. Better to let each other be free and have trust than to make too many promises to each other.

A spontaneous Satsang recorded in Portugal



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