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Open Satsang with Mooji - Rishikesh 2014 - Week Two

Beautiful moments and strong insights of the 2nd week of Open Satsangs with Mooji in Rishikesh.

"Something is hiding. The thing that is hiding is not really You. It is your self-portrait, the idea we have of who we are - which you will have until you discover your true Self, which is without shame, It is without blame - It is eternally pure. Every human being has this eternal purity inside. In Satsang, it is being unveiled. We are opening the curtains of the body-mind identity to see behind.
So initially something is afraid of being seen, because we have a picture that maybe underneath the surface of my expression is something not good. But the One who sees sees that that's also another layer of unreality. What is really here is the Self. The person was never real."

"What I speak, let us prove. Don't let your mind sabotage this opportunity. You are the One I have come to meet. Not even to share; just to meet You. You don't have to bring anything. You don't have to bring flowers. You don't have to bring chocolate... Let me meet You as You. You without You. And all my appointments are now."

"Move Out of Your Little Submarine Into the Boundless Ocean" ~ Mooji



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