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Podcast: Anything in Life Can Become Your Teacher

In this interaction, one being reveals to Moojibaba that he had been experiencing his life as being very difficult. After reading a quote of Ramana Maharishi, hung on a wall in Monte Sahaja, his perspective of his life changed.

Moojibaba reminds us that the words of the sages are "powerful hints for the one who is already attuned."

"Anything in the life can become your teacher in that moment. Everything becomes like a little mirror to your beingness, everything reminds you again, brings you back to the source. For a while, the attention is only going outward. The mind is shopping through the senses to the sense objects to get the juice from them. That’s called sleep, dream. Then at some point, it starts to go heart-ward and everything it sees reminds it, 'I am here.’"

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