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Podcast: Compelled to Change

"Some things come for you to look at them and to deny them. The easy way is that something in us wants to go along with that thing and that's a pointer in itself. You have a propensity toward a certain thing – that is the seed that is inside you, an energetic seed that is attracting that kind of vibration to come to you. But on the surface you're not consciously doing anything, these things just come to you.

You may say that it happens within the permissive will of God – meaning that life offers the space for that to happen, but also gives you the strength, the reasoning, the discernment to look and say, 'No I've been here before. I know where that's likely to lead. No thank you.' I feel it's a very, very valuable lesson. Because very often we want our projections to be fulfilled, but sometimes we hide them, we don't want to admit that we have them.

Unless grace intervenes abruptly, it's likely to go on. A time comes when the pain becomes unbearable and we are forced to change. It's not that we can boast that 'Yes, we made a choice to change.' We were compelled to change because of pain."

Music :
'Moojiji Show Me the Way' by Dawid Oswal



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