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Podcast: Expose Everything and Be Free

This podcast opens many doors through which self-inquiry can be approached. When one questioner exposes feelings of pride, Moojibaba offers this profound and direct guidance.

"You begin your inquiry in the simplest way, and if you genuinely want to discover, Grace will come and help you to get better at the inquiry. It becomes a beautiful adventure to look, and in the power of your own looking all that is untrue collapses by itself.

There’s a thief within, now you’ve caught it. Be grateful in your heart and say thank you to life. 'Thank you God for even the troubles, because now I’ve found a way to convert mud into gold. You have cleaned my mind.’"

Excerpt from You Are Shining Again in Your Natural Light
Monte Sahaja Silent Retreat, August 2017

Music: Only You by The Platters, performed by Omkara, Prakash and Karuna



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