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Podcast: "Help Me See the World the Way You See It"

'Guruji, please help me to see the world the way you see it, with your eyes.'

From this earnest request of a devotee unfolds a beautiful Satsang where Sri Moojibaba reminds us how we love to be empty, how we love when the mind is not full of strategies, projection and desires. Life is taking care of itself and it flows beautifully when we give up the idea that we can do a better job!

"The function of perception in you must be clean. Gradually if you meditate in the heart you will find that a lot of desires that you feel that they are so important, the start to drop away."

"I could not do better than it is, happening by itself. It is always happening by itself but your mind is giving the wrong interpretation. The mind is always doing something for you to be dissatisfied because as long as you are dissatisfied you will not be peaceful."

"I see both finite and infinite. This and that. Everything can be there but I know their origin and I am their origin also."

18 June 2017



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