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Podcast: I Return Again, Like The Blossoms In Spring

'If you see the mind taking over your life, don’t worry. I cut off its root in a sacred way.’

In this podcast, we listen to a beautiful rendition of a poem by Rumi. Moojibaba goes on to speak about the poem and what it reveals for us, the deepest significance of Rumi’s words.

"We have come to look in a new way that this one, the one who feels held by the mind, suppressed by the mind, is connected with the mind also, and is itself very changeful.

It is not enough to think, ‘I got it'. You have to be it, not know it only, but be it. It is happening already, actually. But I want to show you that on a daily basis there is no time when you are off duty as the Self."

This podcast is an excerpt from the Satsang Wake up You Are in Zion — Stop Thinking You Are in Babylon
One Sangha Gathering, June 23, 2017

This Satsang can be found on Sahaja Express, to find out more please visit Sahaja Express.



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