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Is Your Person a Fact or Fiction?

During a Sunday Satsang at Monte Sahaja, a father comes up and speaks to Moojibaba about the strong attachment he has for his child, and the distraction he feels it has caused from his spiritual life.

"You love your daughter, this is totally righteous, but attachment is something else, and it's good that we don’t get mixed up about it, because it is a sort of neediness and it brings you into feelings of fear.
Use the power of this attachment to find who exactly is attached any why. What is it that's trying to be protected here?
These questions start to come, and they open up areas that you’ve not looked at. You go more deep, and more true. What a wonderful opportunity life has given you!"

This podcast is an excerpt from the Sunday Satsang entitled
God Is Not Close, He Is More Here Than You
Sunday Satsang – 10 September 2017

Music: Only He Is by Shivali and Lluis



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