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Mooji on Addiction - The Greatest Drug Is the Addiction to 'I'

In this auspicious interaction, which takes place during the May Zmar Silent retreat, a questioner brings forth a sincere request to discover his true place as the Is-ness and to be free from ongoing addiction. During this podcast, Moojibaba guides us through both the 'Invitation' and a powerful guided inquiry, that deconstructs the addict identity and confirms the direct recognition into the Self.

"The greatest drug of all is the addiction to the 'I' person. If there's an identity, there must be an 'I' entity. Turn your attention and see if it can be felt. Let's see if you can experience the proof. Let's see if you can find the addict. What is important, is your looking – and your looking has a great power. You may just discover something that is going to be revolutionary for you. Experience your discovery. The I am-ness cannot be an addict. Your looking is your discovering and it's going to have a power today!"

Recorded on 26 May 2017

Music Artist - Radha
Song - Shiva Shivam Shivaya



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