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Step Inside the Fire of Grace

“Whatever is not of the kingdom of God inside, of freedom, offer it up to the light — take it, let it burn. Be so empty and don’t take it personally, just let it burn out. What a joy behind this. That’s where you are trying to be, where you can be left alone and not molested by whatever it is that's interfering with your original peace.

That's the work of Sahaja actually, it's not in planting trees only, it's to burn down inner forests. Plant outer trees, burn down inner forests.

When I see it, I never feel sorry for you, I always feel happy that what you came here for is activated.

Some things come up for me also that feels like burning and I have to take that as Grace, to fully go into it. Really feel like you step inside the fire, not just you offer the things, you also step inside this fire. Say, 'Let whatever it is that’s here burn, in order to be in full harmony with the Truth. Just burn whatever it is.'

The fire knows what to burn, you are under grace at the moment."

Recorded on 14 July 2017

Music :

'Courtship Melody' by Siddhartha Corsus



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