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The Invisible Monk — Stay as Awareness

“Stay in the natural awareness – just be with this. Gradually you see that your activities don't disturb this. It's like all this is happening in the immensity of Is-ness.”

Moojibaba shares the funny story of 'the invisible monk' as a way to help us see what our attachments are that can seem to pull us back into the mode of personhood. Mooji speaks of trusting life and guides us back into the experience of our natural and timeless being.

“Now you have discovered timelessness. You will come to know and see that life takes care of life. Your life will be an unfolding. Just trust. You are back in the source, just be here.”


Excerpt from The Self Image Is Being Replaced By the Self
Zmar Silent Retreat, Portugal
16 April 2018



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