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The Pure Joy of Awakening

Moojibaba has a spontaneous meeting with a devotee and these beautiful reflections and utterances emerge.

"The perceiver and the Is-ness, they must be one, at a point. The Is-ness can only be perceived by Is-ness. When the attention is allowed to be guided through these pointers back to the first expression and prior to the first expression, some recognition happens in that second, but it's not of a thing. Something is deepening and at the same time, in this unchanging awareness.

Something just feels so totally right. You're happy for no reason, you're at peace even at times that would ordinarily be felt as full of turmoil, there's a kind of peace. Even when things go a certain way where others would feel this is so terrible. Something feels a serenity and gratitude for life in all its expressions.”

Recorded on 16 December 2017
Monte Sahaja, Portugal

Music Artist - Sam Garrett
Song - Grace



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