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The Understanding That Showers Blessing Upon the World

During a retreat Satsang, Moojibaba reads some letters from online participants – the first letter starts with a deep urge to understand a question:

"If 'I' as Is-ness is not the doer, how does it appear that things are done?"

"The doer functions on behalf of the Is-ness - it is the Source.

As the consciousness becomes more refined, the belief or the need to be an individualised doer of actions becomes less significant. It’s when we are still in the mode of a personal, choice-making self, that your choices, and the sense of what you do or don't do, seem really important.

You don’t have to know all these things to be free – you may know them when you are free. All there has to be is an urge within you, 'I must go beyond my present limitations of seeing.'

That must have brought you here."


Excerpt from I Heard God Laughing
Zmar Silent Retreat, Portugal
13 April 2018



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