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We Are Here To Discover The Wordless One

In this clear and direct Satsang excerpt, a questioner steps forward to express that he feels that, despite years of spiritual seeking, he is still in an in-between state, not totally crossed over into freedom. Moojibaba uses this question to guide us into a clear seeing of what is here and now, in the heart of our being.

“You are here, I’m not asking you to turn to the left or right, or do anything at all. Just in your natural awareness of yourself as being here… what is this ‘here’?

Not one millimetre apart from you, right in the very heart of your being, what is here?

I don’t want you to learn, I want you to see. A seeing that is immediate.”


Recorded 22 May 2019
Monte Sahaja, Portugal

This talk is an excerpt from Truth — Not Just to Be Learned, But to Be Recognised
Available on Sahaja Express

Music: "Lord I Love You So" by Prem, performed by Prem Leela.
More music by Prem Leela on the album Live in Monte Sahaja



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