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You Are the Journey, the Destination and the Awakening

"When I ask the question, ‘Can the perceiver be perceived,' it’s terrifying me."

This finding is brought by a questioner to Moojibaba and we are invited to look at this together. The pointings deepen as a second questioner joins the conversation. The crystal-clear revelations and spontaneous utterances which follow serve our understanding and leave us as our quintessential nature.

“When all forms are changing and changeful, all objects are interpretable, what is our common reference point? Isn’t the one who is trying, seen? You must look and confirm.

If even the seeing is seen, what remains? Who is there? This is why I am not speaking about the future.

I am the unbroken now. I have no future, therefore, I am supremely happy."


Excerpt from All This I See, but What I Am I Can Only Be
Lisbon Satsang Intensive, Portugal
26 February 2018



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