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You Become That Which You Love

This beautiful podcast starts with Moojibaba reading a letter regarding how to continue one's spiritual practice in light of the Invitation. Moojiji approaches this with a powerful answer on the true meaning of spiritual practice.

“If you love this Is-ness so much, your love cancels out that which is less.

It's not that you are doing, doing, doing, and I am giving you a whole pile of things you have to tick off and do. Just your openness is needed, your earnestness to stay with This. This deep yearning inside the heart to be free and to honour what you see. And to approach Truth with devotion and openness. This is all, stay put here."


This podcast is an excerpt from the Satsang I Was Born to Awaken
Monte Sahaja Silent Retreat, 22 July 2017

Music: Mere Gurudev by Krishna Das, performed by Krishnabai



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